Growing Naturally On The Farm

Winter 2014 Update

 NOW, what’s going on, down on the farm? 

  • The winter greenhouse crops are in!! We will have many varieties of lettuce, kale, swiss chard, onions, leeks, spinach, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower all ready to harvest in about 5 weeks! And we’ll be continuing to grow throughout the winter months. Our Bluegill fish are swimming happily in the aquaponics tank to provide all the nitrogen these cool season veggies can eat. When the harvest nears, we’ll post it here. Want to know more about aquaponics and raising fish and veggies indoors? Learn more here, and call for a tour. (It’s nice and warm in the greenhouse!)
  • We offer all naturally grown, chemical-free produce: vegetables, fruits, potted herbs, vegetables & flowers and free-range eggs- grown by us or raised locally. 
  • We have FlockShare offerings: healthy meats with free range chickens and turkeys, grass fed & finished beef and naturally raised pork.meat chickens in the spring and summer
  • We have done fewer Farmers Markets this year in favor of developing our farm customers. We spend more time on the farm working and growing. Our customers get more food options when they want it- not just on Saturdays. Drive to the farm or contact us to learn how to be a part of our growing list of customers.


  • We currently have eggs for sale at the farm.
  • We’ll be taking orders for farm-raised, free-range chickens again in September.
  • Green beans, squash, tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, kale, swiss chard, carrots, potatoes, onions and melons are available now. Lettuce, greens and cold season veggies will be available beginning in late September.

tomato harvest

  • Tomatoes and a variety of other vegetables and greens will be available until December this year and earlier in 2015, thanks to our second new greenhouse.
  • You can always check this site for crop updates and news. Thanks to all our customers!

Our Philosophy

We believe in all natural food! We are a specialty vegetable farm located in Stanton, Missouri where we grow fresh food sustainably. What does that mean? We use natural methods and NO chemicals- YES, it can be done on a large scale! So, that means a small gardener can do it, too. We can show you how to use sustainable methods to grow your own healthy food. Or you can simply buy our foods and know that they are the safest, freshest and most nutritious foods you can get. Sustainability also helps our local economy- keeping local dollars in our community and supporting your neighbor farmers and producers.

Learn to do aquaponics- it’s fun and easy to build and grow! Contact us for our next workshops.

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aquaponic system

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